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Making Sense of Adult ADHD

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Adult ADHD? Now what?!

More and more adults are recognising they are ADHD, or getting diagnosed. But a diagnosis doesn't actually provide any help by itself.

If you are:

  • Wondering if you might be ADHD;
  • On a waitlist for diagnosis;
  • Diagnosed ADHD but not sure what to do next!
  • Feel like you never really accepted or understood your ADHD diagnosis;

You are in the right place! My online program Making Sense of Adult ADHD was created for you!

What's in the program?


An interactive online group to discover:


WHAT IS ADHD REALLY: What the diagnosis doesn't tell you.


IS IT ME OR ADHD: How adult diagnosis can rewrite your life story.


YOU'RE NOT BROKEN: How a neurodiversity affirming lens can empower you.


YOUR UNIQUE ADHD: Create your personal ADHD profile & priorities for action.


HOW DO I TELL: Talk to your important people about your ADHD & support needs without blame or shame.


YOUR ADHD ROADMAP: Choosing supports that are right for you.

Here's what past participants have said...

Sarah clearly got across and demonstrated by modelling how truly self-compassion is the silver bullet for dealing with ADHD. She also offered a plethora of info and resources which was so valuable.

Marija, Sept 2023

Making Sense of Adult ADHD made me a bit more accepting of my neurospicy brain. And gave me the agency to ask for what I need more than I did before.

Susannah, Sept 2023

The program helped me to stop feeling like I was using ADHD as an excuse, that it really exists and if people don't accept me or my traits for what it is, it is their problem.

Sarah, Sept 2023

★★★ Made by an ADHDer for ADHDers ★★★

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I know what it's like to get an adult ADHD diagnosis.

Hi! I'm Sarah. I help adults with ADHD and parents of ADHD kiddos find their way towards a happier life.

I’m an educator, writer and coach with a background in Psychology and Counselling. I worked with kids and families for years, especially kids with a lot of complexity in their lives, like trauma, family separation and neurodivergence. But even with all that professional knowledge, my life was flipped upside down a few years ago when I got my own ADHD diagnosis. That was when I really got it with my whole heart, not just my head!
I started Affirming ADHD to support others like me who discovered their ADHD in adulthood, or are raising ADHD and neurodivergent kiddos. Because all of us – especially our kids – deserve to know what it feels like to be affirmed, instead of shut down, for the ADHD bright sparks we are. I am proudly ADHD, and proudly neurodiversity affirming.

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I'm here to prove to you that you are more than capable of achieving your dream life by removing the barriers that life has created for you.


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